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Ecological Consultancy

Odonata is the Latin name for the taxonomic grouping that contains both dragonflies and damselflies.
Tarbh-nathrach is the Gaidhlig name for a dragonfly.

Tarbh-nathrach Ecological Consultancy has been in operation since 2006. It specialises in all aspects of Odonata survey and training in Odonata ID. Although I am happy to work all over the UK: I specialise in Scotland’s, particularly the Highland’s, Odonata.

I have been interested in Odonata since 1995 and have built up a great deal of knowledge and experience gained from key experts in Scotland since then. I have significant on the ground experience, I average 30 days in the field each season from May to September.


  • Adult surveys.
  • Larval surveys.
  • Site reports.
  • Site mitigation advice.
  • Desk based collation of existing site data.

Recent work.

  • 2012-13. Odonata Site Condition Monitoring for SNH on selected SSSIs in Scotland.
  • 2010-11. Odonata Site Condition Monitoring for SNH on selected SSSIs in Scotland.
  • 2010-11. Odonata Survey of Trees for Life's Dungreggan Estate, Glen Moriston.
  • Forestry Commission Scotland contract to survey several site in Highland in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • SNH Contract to ascertain if the Azure Hawker was present at Loch Brandy SSSI. May-June 2008.
  • Developing the Odonata survey of the Gartcosh Steelworks development site as part of the agreed site monitoring. 2005.

Odonata and Biodiversity Action Plans.
Although no Scottish Odonata are on the UKBAP list, ponds now are and sites containing species of high conservation importance e.g. RDB, UKBAP, Annex 2 or Nationally Scarce invertebrate species or exceptional assemblages of key biotic groups (using existing SSSI criteria) qualify as Priority Ponds under the Ponds Habitat Action Plan and therefore of due consideration in the planning and development process in the UK (see table below).

Common Name Latin Name Status
Northern Damselfly Coenagrion hastulatum Endangered
White-faced Darter Leucorrhinia dubia Endangered
Azure Hawker Aeshna caerulea Vulnerable
Brilliant Emerald Dragonfly Somatochlora metallica Vulnerable
Northern Emerald Dragonfly Somatochlora arctica Near Threatened
Variable Damselfly Coenagrion pulchellum Near Threatened

The Northern Damselfly is on the Scottish Biodiversity List and therefore is due consideration under the Biodiversity Duty contained in the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act, 2004. Tatbh-nathrach, 7 Muirden Road, Maryburgh, Ross & Cromarty IV7 8EJ Mobile: 07484 819012